ADQT began because of several reasons, the number one reason being that you can have the coolest design on a shirt but if that design is on a shirt that feels like crap, then that shirt is a friggin' shitty shirt. I have tons of shirts that I thought were cool until I got them home and put them on. It's quite grumpy-ifying. Crusty, thick, tailored for some freakish body. Who wears these shirts!? And why aren't more people pissed off about them? So I got pissed and went on a mission. I just so happened to be an artist, graphic designer, musician, writer, AND ping pong champion (in training), so I figured why not direct some creative energy into making clothing that I'd actually enjoy wearing. I enjoy clothes on a daily basis. It makes sense. Inspired by the 80's bmx movie Rad, where they start a DIY a t-shirt company to sponsor the local bmx rider Cru Jones, (*spoiler alert) who ultimately wins Helltrack! (way to go Cru!), I became curious about the whole silkscreening thang and decided to make some shirts for myself. I made a few and all of a sudden my friends, family, and peeps on the street would stop me and inquire about them. So i put some of my shirts up on my art site, to buy. And, I'm not sure if it's a sign of my artistic skills or just the state of the art economy, but my shirts were selling better than my art. Much better. When something like that happens you can't help but thinking, "hey, maybe I'm on to something with

this clothing thing". A shirt could also be considered a canvas so I'm just combining my love for creating art and my hatred for junk clothes. I'm my opinion an artist is someone who creates. And I love creating… and wearing comfy shirts.

Comfyness, it's not really a word, but it's the mission with the highest priority. Well, comfy plus looking good. It could be considered the same thing, ya know because if you look good you feel good and blah blah blah… just kidding, it's not the same thing. And whoever tells you different is trying to sell you a carrot popsicle or however that saying goes.

I'm trying not to think about it. It seems that everyone who makes clothing or art or whatever has a specific style mission that they stick to, which is fine and great and makes sense because when you like something from that maker, if they're making something in the same vein as what you got before you're most likely going to like it too. But, I'm just not that way, I have too many ideas and I like to think that they're good ideas, so why limit a good idea
because it doesn't fit into the style that you've defined. For example, we make graphic art tees but we also make text as graphic tees, there are other examples as well, but that kinda gets into the secret future ideas that we have, and those are hidden with the Colonel's chicken recipe.

If you haven't noticed I like to have fun. I'm not a fan of corporate-y jargon and excessive professionalism. It does have it's importance, kinda, but it can just get played out and most times seems robotic to me. I like to make jokes but I also strive to be respectful and honest. I take pride in that I'm a Pennsylvanian boy scout living in New York City.

Not to give too much away, I tend to keep my secrets secret, but the future of ADQT is not limited to only t-shirts. "Evolving is inevitable" to quote some science guy, and to quote some other guy, "Utah, get me two!" (if you know that quote, I'm impressed). Feeling good and looking good is the mission. Have a nice day.