Faq you! heh heh... Every once in a while a question will come in and we'll be like, ya know what! I think this question has popularity potential, this question could get muffins made for it without even asking, this question could be class president, this question could make wearing a fanny pack look cool, this question could be so popular that people would buy its used underwear on the internet, this question could be so popular that if it ever farted everyone would just start laughing and think it's cute and not be all pissed off about how "gross", "vile", and "utterly disgusting" it is, this question could make a girl think about lying to the question that the question got her pregnant just to keep the question from leaving... On to the questions which are frequently asked!
Q. Size me up! How do your shirts fit?
Q. What's all this 50/50 & 50/25/25 percentage crap?

A. Dude, you're getting a little hostile on the questions, it's not "crap" as you so eloquently put it. It's Awesomeness. Ever see that horrible Owen Wilson movie, you put "ness" at the end of your name or in this case, awesome, and then you have the definition of that percentage crap.

B. 50/50 means the shirt is 50% cotton and 50% polyester, 50/25/25 means the shirt is 50% cotton, 25% polyester, and 25% percent rayon. What's it means to me? You may say. It means it's kickin' out more comfyness, there we go with the ness again. Next Q! bomb.

Q. Hello to you, I am living in far off land, can shipping come to me for happiness?

A. Yes, but here's the deal, some countries we've figured out how much the shipping should be, but not for all the countries. When you place your order and it says something like, this merchant doesn't ship to your country, that just means you're the very first person from that country to order from us. That's pretty cool right. You know what that means? Nobody's going to have on the same shirt as you on your first day of school. In conclusion, just email us at store{at}adqt.com give us your address and what you'd like to order and we'll email you back with a quote on the shipping. Then you can decide if you want to do it. Cool? I thought so.

Q. I really love the feel of your shirts, they feel so much better than other places I've ordered from.

A. You're right on that, but, that really wasn't a question, who let you in here? You can stay, but you have to keep complimenting us.

B. We, Hate hate hate it when awesomely designed shirts are printed on tees that make us want to tear our skin off when we're wearing it. Fashion is great but if you feel like poop you're going to smell like poop. It's true, a fashion scientist told me that. That is why we started doing this, crappy shirt syndrome. It needs to be eradicated!

Q. What is ADQT? Does it stand for something? The A stands for Awesome, right? You say awesome way too much.

A. Haha, I know I do. ADQT is actually an abbreviation for adequate. So if you come up to me and say, "hey man, I have an adequate shirt, it's awesome", I'd know you were totally awesome. But on the flippy, if you said, "hey man, I just got an A.D.Q.T. from you, it's awesome!", Now, I'd still think you were awesome, but maybe not "totally awesome", but you're still awesome so don't get down on yourself. Remember, "Everyone starts with knowing nothing before knowing something." That's by Graham T. Slick, write that down. And yes, I'm Graham. Hi.

Q. I own a store and I'd love to purchase tons of ADQT shirts to put in my store. Do you do wholesale for stores?

A. Yes we do wholesale. Shoot an email to wholesale{at}adqt.com and we'll hook you up. And, we'll also add you to our expanding list of ADQT sellers (coming soon to the navigation items above) so all the cool kids know where to go to get your stuff. That's called free promotion baby!

Q. What's the best way I should wash my ADQT shirt?

A. We think that our shirts get better the smellier they are, so we suggest never washing them. Kidding! If you reeeally muuust wash your shirt, turn your shirt inside out, wash it in cold water with like colors, and tumble dry on low.

Q. My shirt has faded, It still looks cool, but, I dunno, should I freak out or not?

A. Naw man, no need to freak out, our shirts do fade a little, and that is totally cool. It's a sign that your shirt likes you. But if you are totally freaking out, send us an email to returns{at}adqt.com, we'll chat, then you'll send your old shirt to us, and we'll send you a new one, and blah blah blah, you know the whole exchange deal.

Q. Where are you located? I wanna party with you!

A. We're in New York City and at the moment we're a purely online only store. So there's no fancy official ADQT store. BUT, if you have a store and you'd like to carry our clothes please write us at hello{at}adqt.com.

B. We are known to have thrown a party or two and if you're up for getting down join the mailing list and we'll let you know the know when it's time to know.

Q. ADQT is super rad, you must be rollin' with famous people like Lindsay Lohan and Giovani Ribisi?

A. One day… fingers crossed, one day. So far my most famous meeting was Keanu Reeves, we talked about hair grooming theories. Man, that dude is so cool. Oh and I met Ty Burrell from Modern Family, he's cool too. So far I only meet the nice ones, oh ya, I met the guy from Project Runway too, Tim Gunn. Why am I always meeting dudes? Oh wait, I met that actress, crap, what was her name, english gal, indie, gotta crush on her, the bird boned woman from 30 Rock… errr…. I'm totally blowing it right now… time to give up on the crush she says... Emily Mortimer! Ha! She's married anyway.

Q. How do I submit a question that might become frequently asked?

A. Swing on over to our contact page and write us a tasty email. Just be sure to make it really tasty. The tastiest questions make it to the big dance.